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By selling on Made4u, you have the opportunity to access millions of customers.

Our MultiVendor eCommerce Model


The Made4u marketplace is a group of local business owners that have partnered together to establish this online eCommerce store.

Each of the vendor sell their products on the marketplace, which is owned by Made4u. So when a customer purchases the products from the marketplace site, the payment is received by the vendor and Made4u in turn receives a small fee on the completed sale.

What is the reason for the widespread acceptance of a Marketplace?

With the proliferation of smart phones, online access has become simpler. So people no longer prefer to wait in queues and carry beefy bags for shopping. They prefer to opt for a smarter shopping. 

Vast choice of products on our Marketplace

The Made4u marketplace has an expansive range of personalized products like ??, ??, ??, household items and so on. As customers have access to a great number of unique products in our marketplace they will continue to find more items here than in traditional local brick & mortar stores.

Discount offers that make shopping economical

Online shopping is cost effective to our customers.  If you compare the products being sold in a brick and mortar store and the ones sold in our eCommerce marketplace, you will realize that the products are far less expensive in our marketplace. Also, we offer discounts and special deals on a regular basis.

Faster and a secure shopping experience

No customer prefers to waste their precious time in a shopping mall. Going by that, the transaction process in our  marketplace is very quick and simple. They can find products to their taste and budget using smart search options. The Made4u marketplaces has a secure payment gateways and the billing process is very safe, simple and of course quick.

Affordable for vendors

Not everyone can afford to invest the money necessary to create and maintain an eCommerce store. The Made4u marketplace is a low cost solution and is very profitable to vendors. Their investment is comparatively low and also the probability of drawing in customers to their products is much higher as our marketplace is visited by numerous customers every day.

Why should you sell on the Made4u Marketplace?


Reach millions of new customers
Access a massive audience of Amazon customers shopping across North America.
Access a new sales channel

When you sign up as a Vendor, you will have access to sell on, and on the Etsy marketplaces, through an integrated Made4u Marketplace Account. This will enable you to easily share product listing information and manage your inventory consistently across all both marketplaces.

Build brand recognition

Benefit from an established and trusted brand by selling on Made4u

Increase product exposure

Get the word out—boost your product visibility with Sponsored Products keyword-targeting advertising. Sponsored Products promotes the individual products you sell on Made4u, allowing you to choose which products to advertise, assign keywords or product attributes to target, and enter a cost-per-click amount.

Secure transactions
Access our tools for secure transactions over the Internet. It offers the familiar and reliable Amazon shopping experience that everyone knows.

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